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Intense ITS Trucker style Cap YouthIntense System 5 26" X 2.25" XC

Intense System 5 26" X 2.10" XC
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Intense System 5 26" X 2.10" XC

Τιμή: €17.78
Retail Price: €35.28
Κερδίζετε: €17.50

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System 5 offers great performance in soft to intermediate conditions. The chevron knob pattern is fast rolling and offers plenty of bite. This tyre is used by the elite riders on the 4X World Cup circuit and for XC riding.

Size Weight
2.10 490 Grams
2.25 550 Grams
foldingbead By using a lightweight & Flexible bead we are able to reduce the weight of the tyres. They are also Easier to Handle and Store.
c3 Intense"s proprietary Cross Country Compound, provides excellent traction and durability.
1-ply 1 Ply Casing refers to layers of reinforcing fabric in a tyre. 1 ply tyres are constructed with a single fabric layer for fast rolling and lightweight tyres.
lsg Low Specific Gravity rubber compound is used to reduce the weight of the tyre casing.

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Your Price: €17.78
Retail Price: €35.28
Κερδίζετε: €17.50

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Intense System 5 26" X 2.25" XC
Intense System 5 26
Retail Price: €35.28
Κερδίζετε: €17.50