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ODI Elite Flow Grips - Black
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ODI Elite Flow Grips - Black

Τιμή: €25.10

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Introducing the all new ELITE FLOW v2.1 Lock-On Grips. Engineered to provide more padding where you need it most without the bulky feel - so you can enjoy the ride longer.

  • Offset design provides more padding tht can δbe dialed in to where you need it most, without having to settle for a thick grip.
  • Half-waffle pattern on the front of the grip provides extra control when you are off the back of the bike.
  • New v2.1 Lock-On System/Single-Clamp design for more usable grip space and improved comfort on the outside of the grip.
  • Variable knurl pattern alternates from smooth to sharp texture to provide more traction without irritating your hands.
  • Reinforced End molded out of soft, but durable material to prevent grip blowout.

Style: v2.1 Lock-On System
Length: 130mm
Diameter: 31mm
Material: Soft Pro Compound
End Style: Closed End

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